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Not many people know about our sewer system. We go to the bathroom, do our business, and that’s that...right? Well, not exactly. The sewer system is a very complicated combination of pipes, water treatment plants, and a great big water cycle that I can’t even imagine trying to understand.
But we can do a bit to make the less complicated. Just by waiting to flush.
During rainstorms, (especially in large cities) sewer systems have a problem with what’s called combined sewer overflow. It’s a combination of domestic sewer water (aka our shower water, toilet water, etc.) and heavy rainstorm water that essentially rushes into the sewer system and floods it.
When the water overflows it makes it easier for the rain stuff to mix with the domestic stuff (aka poo water). The combination of water mixes together and makes it harder for us to keep our water system clean. The water exceeds what the pipes can handle and the pipes are all “Dude I can’t handle all this sh*t.” Literally.
So how can we help our pipes out in a time of need? Take it easy when it’s raining.
"People can help by reducing their water consumption during. Simply delay taking a shower, doing a load of laundry, or even flushing the toilet...That will cut the amount of water the system has to deal with, and reduce the risk of sewer overflows.” WNYC reported.
By doing these small things, we help the pipes with too much overflow, and help water stay clean. So to help remind you to do your part, I created a mantra: Help them pipes flow. Wait to go.