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Imagine pulling up a long driveway lined with cherry blossom trees and garden stakes made up of blue cackle glass. Thick, white pillars loom in the distance, past courtyards filled with exotic flowers and flowing fountains. You're 1,200 miles away from your hometown. You're at a facility for people who want to be healthy. No, this isn't fat camp. It's a wellness center. A motivational zone. A place where everyone has the same end goal: to be healthy. The facilitators hold you captive for three long months (similar to a sixth grader going away to summer camp), but instead of arts and crafts, your days are filled with fitness routines and healthy eating. You take your first step into the mansion. Mostly white marble, with some granite, it feels like a welcoming environment. Your eyes fixate on the longest spiraled staircase you could possibly encounter before your attention is refocused on the Olympic size pool in the center of the room. There are no doors (only archways) and long hallways leading to what you assume is the main workout center. You’re told that every fridge is filled with fresh produce and veggies. Healthy snacks that don’t taste like dirt are provided every hour. Filtered water, detox juices, fresh smoothies and protein shakes can be made to your liking. Assortment of special rooms dedicated to Pilates and Bikram Yoga fill every crevice of the mansion. You start to hear light conversation fill the room and everyone is motivating one another in a healthy manner and being super supportive. You glance out a nearby window and smile to yourself because you know this is a good fit. This is your new journey. This is your new healthy home.