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I love corn on the cob, but I HATE shucking it. All those little stringy things that stick to your hands and clothes and just generally get everywhere... and corn husks are surprisingly tough, too! You have to sit outside so you don't make a mess in the kitchen, with all the mosquitos getting takeout from the delicious human blood restaurant (aka your legs, arms, neck, face... everything) and yank those corn husks off, bit by bit. Suffice it to say – it is not an efficient process.
But with this easy kitchen hack, shucking corn just became downright DELIGHTFUL.
Look at how easy that is! After just one cut, the corn slides out of its husk effortlessly. Here's how you can recreate this feat of magic in your own kitchen:
1. Holding ear of corn firmly in place, use a sharp knife to slice off the stem end.
2. Grasp the silk end (the non-cut end) and shake gently until the corn cob slides out of the husk. Be sure to do this close to the countertop.
And voilà! No more mosquito bites, no more annoying cornsilk strings everywhere – just perfectly shucked corn in two seconds flat. I hope this makes your cookouts infinitely more enjoyable this summer! :D
this is amazing
I NEED TO TRY THIS. Sweet corn is one of my favorite summer flavors, but I always end up spending the extra money to buy the pre-shucked, shrink-wrapped ones to spare myself the nuisance of shucking them myself. I almost feel a little dumb now that I see how easy it could be!