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I remember the day when I first touched you, you gave me bubbly, aching calluses. My hands went from soft and dainty to lifting-certified. I鈥檇 spend hour picking at my hand calluses -- this is when I knew, this was how my free time would look like as a lifter.
When I didn't want to bench press, you made sure the fear of being pinned by the weight will drive me to press harder. I learned humility when I was pinned by the weight from bench press, that I can expect to nobody to come to my rescue.
Barbell roll, anyone?
My dear barbell, when I first put you on my non-existing traps to squat, I looked a confused baby giraffe. But after a few years of practice, I learned that traps do indeed grow. Oh, and they grew.
You know what else grew?
We spent time doing awesome things together. From high-bar squats, to the sexy barbell hip thrust. When I couldn't figure out the cable machines, you'd do that rusty smile from across the room, knowing that you will always be best thing I'd ever have.

Thank you bar-baby. We will be bros forever. <3

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Haha thanks! Yeah, being pinned during the bench so scary! @christianmordi
Personally, being pinned under the barbell on bench press was the best thing to ever happen to me. Made me realize how much I wanted to grow physically mentally. Also gave the haters a reason to hate me all over again lol. 馃憡馃徑 brofist for all the bros out there.
@DroPuenteAG93 that's a great way of looking at it! I felt so embarrassed when I was pinned!! lol. But hey, I definitely got stronger too!
@alywoah we all have to fall in order to stand up again. 1, 2, 3 go!
you right, you right!!!!! :) @DroPuenteAG93