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Caitlyn Jenner thanks Laverne Cox
Caitlyn Jenner revealed to the world that she was a woman on a world platform attracting positive and negative media from around the globe. Caitlyn joined the transgendered community in full swing but there was no doubt that she had an immense inspiration from fellow transgendered pioneer, Laverne Cox.
Caitlyn sent a tweet to Laverne as a friendly gesture to not only show gratitude but strong admiration. It was Caitlyn's 11th tweet. How sweet!
And as always, Laverne responded with a very well mannered response. It's wonderful to be seeing the #TransIsBeautiful is a new movement to bring awareness, tolerance, and acceptance of transgendered people. With these two, there's no stopping their revolution!
oh how I love Laverne Cox
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Laverne Cox is one of my favorite people. I love that Caitlyn acknowledged all the work that she does for the trans community.
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