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Harry Potter fans have always been a little scared of Snape. He's mean, intimidating and always wearing those creepy black robes. I know he turns out to be a good guy, but I could never get over my fear of him.
Even when I watch Alan Rickman, the actor who plays Snape, in Love Actually, I get a little creeped out.
Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to make him a little less scary. Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy and Alan have a full conversation after inhaling helium from balloons. His once menacing voice turns into a high-pitched squeak.
All my fears are gone.
Also, helium mixed with a British accent is pretty entertaining in itself.
YESSS. Jimmy always thinks of the best games to play with his guests. This was PERFECT. Also, I feel like if you weren't already creeped out over Snape, Alan Rickman's role in Love Actually was all kinds of creep status.
Okay yes @danidee he definitely is creepy in that movie right! But yeah, seriously all fear of him just melted away after hearing his high-pitched voice.
@danidee I agree, Jimmy and his team do a great job thinking of awesome games to play with the guests, his show is my favorite to watch late night
@danidee @laurafisher I agree, Snape was quite dodgy in Love Actually.. cool movie, weird role for him though lol..
@christianmordi Jimmy's Lip Sync battle was always the funniest part of his show. It's sad that he doesn't do it anymore because of the new Spike TV show.