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Ahhhhhhhhhh......HE'S SO FLIPPIN CUUUUUUUTE in that last pic. I knew V was gonna be next but when you tagged me @shashae5296 I thought OMG what if I was wrong and it's Jimin.....I can't take that right now....I just woke up ╯▂╰ momentarily freaked in short. But V looks great.....I'm really curious about the storyline of this MV.
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@jiggzy19 @poojas @Stephanieduong @xoxoaudra98 no problem I enjoy tagging you guys
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V! MY POOR HEART, WHYYY HE'S SO CUTE, I CANT TAKE THIS once Jimin's photos are out, I'm completely dead~
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Does anyone else see the resemblance of Conan?? (from the anime Detective Conan) It really suits him seeing as he loves anime! Haha XD Thanks for the tag!!!!
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dude im literally dying and hahaha thier pictures are on the news paper thats cool
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