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The most recently talk-about comedian is pairing up with the legendary Madonna! Why? Because Madonna needed an opening act for her three shows in NYC and who wouldn't pick the hilarious Amy Schumer?

'Like A Prayer' from 1989!!! LOL

Schumer announced on Thursday that her audition video was just enough to get the gig with Madonna. I guess those embarrassing videos that your parents take of you as a kid actually come in handy later on in life! No reports have claimed if Schumer will do stand up or actually sing with Madonna. Schumer joins a long list of A-listers who happened to pair up with Madonna this week after her music video debuted.
Check out this video about Amy Schumer opening for Madonna! It'll give you a video version of this card. Madonna's tour kicks off Sept. 9th in Quebec, Canada.
I wonder what Schumer will do to open....