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New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, your card has been pulled.
Yesterday hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons stopped by Hot 97 for an appearance on Ebro In The Morning. While one of the main points of the interview was to discuss the shooting in mass murder in Charleston, South Carolina, Simmons took time to discuss issues in New York City. “There’s a few things that you can do, that are action-based,” he says of the attempts to curb police violence toward Black people. “One is to get special prosecutors, separate from the police department. That’s critical.” He goes on: “[Now] we have so many of these shootings on camera, but [police] have been getting away with murdering Black people forever. Our police commissioner is bullying our punk mayor–that we worked so hard to put in office–he knows his kids are at risk.” (New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, who is white, is married to the Black poet and activist Chirlane McCray; the couple has two children.) “He knows that if a cop shoots his kid, and there is no footage, that cop is not getting charged.”
The Def Jam founder didn’t stop there, as he delivered details on discussions with head politicians in the city. Simmons went on to say that the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo promised both New York voters and Simmons privately that he would appoint special prosecutors, but has failed to do so. “Look at what [officers who protested at an NYPD funeral] did to the mayor,” Simmons said. “They just made him into a–can y’all say ‘bitch’?
Shots have been fired by Simmons. The NYC native makes some valid points on racial disparities in America. Will de Blasio step up and address these issues face on? Only time will tell.