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About a decade ago, growing a beard was something reserved only for the fearless. Men with beards stood out among the crowd, as beacons of brawn and masculinity, modern-day homages to all the lumberjacks and Zach Galifianakises who paved the bearded path before them.
Today, let's be real: It's like every guy under 35 has a beard. It's getting a little boring.
The bearded man, like all things, must learn to adapt and evolve in our society. And that is where art director/bearded man Pierce Thiot comes in.
Will It Beard, Pierce's online project, is a gallery of true 'beardspiration' for any facial haired fellow who wants to step his beardo game up. For example:
You can spice things up by dressing your beard up with some Hot Cheetos and Takis.
Or for the beardo with a sweet tooth, why not use it to store some gummy bears?
Tap into your nostalgic side by putting your childhood toys to use. (Kind of looks like Chewbacca on Adderall. Or is that just me?)
Be the most popular guy at the office with your pencil beard. (Need to borrow a pencil, Kelly from Human Resources? Why not five?!)
Or mix it up with crayons when you're watching your sister's kids.
Balloons are the perfect touch to any occasion.
But if you're going for something more romantic, just some flowers should do.
For some more beard inspiration, visit Will It Beard on Tumblr, Instagram, or YouTube.
@alywoah I feel like if there's a will, there's definitely a way.
i dont see a beard with mini cheeseburgers on it...cuz that would be super hot