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I Bet You Want to Go to Brooklyn's Smallest Penis Pageant
American masculinity is meant to be about 'the bigger the better.' Big muscles, big cars, big wallets, and the big anxiety that comes with trying to live up to those ridiculous expectations of a society that wants a 'real man.'
So Brooklyn, the New York borough that aims to be the home of all the outcasts, oddities, and flannel of the world, has a little (pun intended?) festival that is here to ease some of those woes.

Welcome to Brooklyn's Smallest Penis Pageant

Started by Aimee Arciuolo, manager of Brooklyn's Kings County Bar, which hosts the event.
"One day, I happened to take a gentleman home and he had the smallest penis I had ever seen,"Arciuolo tells Rolling Stone. "And basically that man worked so hard for my pleasure that I remember telling my friends about it the next day, saying, 'We should throw a pageant for these guys, they work much harder than other guys.''
Now on it's third year and biggest (pun intended again?) yet, the pageant has turned into a legitimate event, with the contest itself being divided into three categories — formal wear, swimwear and a talent show that is, as Rolling Stone put it, "hilariously bawdy, over-the-top and even inspiring."
The contestants are all there for a good time. One of the top competitors, Rip Van Dinkle, randomly saw an blurb about this in the Huffington Post.

"That's when I realized I had a small penis and had never been to Brooklyn."

Watch the hilarity unfold below:

So Three Cheers for All Sizes!

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id go
2 years ago·Reply
Uhh okay, interesting and incredibly random idea...Word of advice to them, never bring this to Australia, people here would not accept this as a thing trust me, verbal abuse would run rampant...
2 years ago·Reply
Yo, on the real, these women should keep those things private. How would they like to be criticized and made fun of about their shortcomings. Word!
2 years ago·Reply
@richardtoth I think the whole point is that it isnt viewed as a "shortcoming." Who dictates what shape size color or number of body parts is better than any other?
2 years ago·Reply
it's good to kno that there are those who are not considered "well endowed" who are willing to work hard. The "week endowed" should take a page from their book.
2 years ago·Reply