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No one wants to eat a chocolate bar that has been passed around and touched by everyone right? So you girls better keep this in mind when you are thinking about losing your virginity before marriage. No one wants something "thats used". Sorry if you weren't quite able to catch the sarcasm in those sentences, and I'm looking at you Mississippi, who thought that this idea was the perfect way to teach abstinence only Sex Ed to children. Right.... hows that working out for you?
FYI Mississippi, statistics show that 76% of your high schoolers will have sex before they graduate. The horror!!!! So, instead of trying to teach your kids abstinence only Sex Ed (which clearly isn't working), you should instead try to be a positive influence for your youths health. The idea of teaching children, especially teenagers, that having sex will make them dirty, used and disposable, will only distort the idea that people, especially women, who have had sex, are worthy of just as much respect as those who are still pure. Do these adults not see the problem in that?
Lets go even further and discuss the other examples Mississippi has used to compare their less then pure students. They are referred to as, used toothbrushes, chewed up pieces of gum, and candies that can be spit out. How in the hell does a person equate to a disposable piece of candy?
But lets look at this rationally; a piece of gum only last for a few chews right? After around 10 minutes that gum loses it flavor, becomes too hard, and needs to be tossed out. Looks like you boys are on a time limit during the honeymoon. You have 10 minutes tops, 15 if you really push it. After that your lovely wife is considered used. Sorry, enjoy the rest of your married years looking up internet porn. Also has the thought of victims of sexual violence even crossed everyones mind? Women who are raped now have to suffer sitting through a class as they are called used, when they had no choice in the matter!
But really, this type of sex ed seems to do more harm then good. Thankfully a group of mothers agree. They have become known around the district as "the Sex Moms" and they have already ended the "dirty chocolate" lessons in at least one school. Thank God for mothers with their heads on their shoulders. Their kids might stand a change now.
@orenshani7 @shannonl5 its just scary that people can think it is ok to completely misinform young kids! Teaching them this crazy nonsense at such a young age can only foster negative feelings towards sex and women in general!
I think this is a very delicate issue. It should indeed be discussed in the classroom, in conversations lead by professionals. Putting into slogans, that's porn IMO.
@shannonl5 @orenshani7 honestly most of these information is spread at home. Because some of the kids told their parents and thats why the sex moms happened, but I'm sure others went home and their prints agreed with the teachings! which makes this more disturbing
I wonder what we can do to stop this spread of misinformation? @LizArnone @orenshani7 I know some of this is happening in public schools, which means we have some power in local politics, but I imagine a lot of this anti-woman indoctrination happens at home as well. I've seen people like Jessica Valenti working through social media to correct this misinformation, but I wonder if there's a better way?
It makes me feel sick in my guts. Somehow I see a connection to the shooting in the Church in South Carolina.
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