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See Robin Williams' Final Performance in Boulevard
The recently released trailer for Robin Williams' final dramatic performance gave me chills.
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Boulevard seems to be about Nolan (Robin Williams) and how he's lived a pretty plain life and how he wants to change it, or finally start living his life.
I've had this conversation with my friends multiple times, where we ask each other what it really means to live. It's a heady, dense, philosophical conversation and that's what makes this film so interesting to me. I love when films explore the difference between existing and living.
I, also, had a heavy heart while watching this trailer. The theme of this film -- based on the trailer -- is that it is never too late to turn your life around. After losing Robin Williams last year, I couldn't help but think about the message this film was trying to send and how I wish we never lost Robin Williams in the first place.
Boulevard is in theaters July 10th, 2015
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I feel like if that's the message of this movie, then maybe people won't respond well considering what happened
@VinMcCarthy I sort of agree and that's part of why I'm interested in it, which is kind of messed up when I think about it.