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When in Rome...

Reese Witherspoon and her identical daughter are taking the streets of Rome in style. Each is being very active on social media as they take in all of the sights. But let's be honest... I can't be the only one who is extremely jealous of their pictures.

Do as the Romans do...

"What an honor to see Mr. Valentino at dinner last night in Rome #legend"
Meet with Valentino! WHAT!? That's quite a privilege. Reese and her daughter are seen posing with the famous fashion designer, Valentino. It's amazing that her daughter is only 15 years old. They saw Valentino at dinner... To be a fly on that wall...

Holy ceiling...omg

"#Rome is all the more beautiful with the people you love <3"

So #fashion

"When in #Rome!!! (OK, cat is out of the bag. We love you Italy!) #VacationAdventures #MomHumor"
"One of my favorite churches #StIgnatius. Beautiful sculpture and the ceiling has the most intricate paintings. #Breathtaking! #VacationAdventures #Roma"


"You had me at pizza. Hello #VacationAdventures. #GuessWhereIAm"
"Um...yup....pretty sure #Humpday does not translate here... ;) #VacationAdventures #PostcardFromAfar (Have you guessed where I am yet?)"

I have this thing with floors...

And of course, Reese was the not the only one in the family to post some awesome Instagram photos. Check out some of her daughter's!
It would be so cool to just hop on a private jet and fly to Rome for week. But what would I go do first?
@danidee For some reason, I think Ava looks more like her dad. You should compare them side by side.
Holy crap, that's her daughter Ava?!?!? THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. You should look at pictures of young Reese from when she was in the movie Man In The Moon. It's completely ridiculous how much they look alike.
@cindystran I can actually see that too! Either way, I feel like everyone knew Ava was going to grow up to be gorgeous. Her parents are really good-looking themselves.