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Dear Diary,

Day #4184 of starting my new “health” kick. Hopefully this time I will finally be able to stick to a routine (let’s hope and pray to every higher power) because I NEED to fit into this homecoming dress at the end of the month. Side note: Mike still hasn’t asked me (it’s okay, I know he’s just intimidated by my beauty), so maybe I can drop subtle hints during Algebra. Another side note: He looked so adorable in that mint colored button up, I could hardly contain my excitement. Anyways, back on track. It's time to log my calorie intake into my food journal. I’ve come to the conclusion that counting calories is hard work. Harder than balancing equations in Chemistry. Harder than the school cafeteria cookies that are served on Tuesdays. Harder than a diamond found near volcanic activity. You get the point. It’s hard! Good news is that I had a really healthy lunch today, so I’m super proud of myself for that. A nice kale salad with no dressing (go, me!) and some cut up fruit (bananas, blueberries, pineapple, etc). However, after school a group of my friends went to the local pizzeria and had a couple slices, a coke (I should have picked up diet) and some ice cream (soft-serve for the win). I guess one healthy meal cancels out a bad meal, right? Oh wait, I also had a handful of M&M’s after Environmental Science class and Stacy baked these delicious chocolate chip cookies that I couldn’t possibly turn down, so I had two. Let me break it down.
Breakfast: Didn't have time, so I grabbed a granola bar from the cabinet.
Calories: 150 (For the SMALLEST granola bar, IMO)
Lunch: Kale salad, mixed fruit
Calories: 330
Snacks: Handful of M&M's, chocolate chip cookies (2)
Calories: 100-200? (I really have no clue)
Dinner: 2 pieces of pizza, soft serve ice cream w/ cone, medium sized Coke
Calories: Let's go with 500 calories.
Okay, so today wasn't the best "clean eating" day, but there's always tomorrow! Maybe I can eat less to speed up the weight loss process. Why didn't I think of that beforehand?? I'm kind of bored/tired/unmotivated to start homework, so I'm going to grab a light snack (Mental note: something healthy) and maybe I can get to bed at a decent time tonight. I guess that's it for today. I can only hope that day #4185 turns out differently.