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At night time, I truly live.
With the light of day retreating, the light of play reveals itself.
I am made of this light, and I am basked in it. I create it, and I take it in.
Luminescent lullabies for insomniac sweethearts. Chaotic traffic lights like drumbeats to an inorganic pulse.
I sense and feel, truly feel the life in me with the movement of the Earth beneath me. I breathe with the wind that charges its way past towering monuments to opulence.
And the sound! The glorious, raucous symphonies of love and hate and war and peace and anger, happiness, sadness, joy, hunger, satisfaction! The outstanding, raging roar of activity and simmering silence! The crash of tympanic vibrancies! It is never ending and beautiful and it is you and I and it is all we are and will be and here we are screaming I EXIST, WORLD! I AM HERE AND I HAVE MEANING!
But the world keeps spinning. And I spin with her. And I hear you, beautiful voices, and I contain you in my mountainous halls.

The echoes of your relevance sing forever in the dusk.

That is a nice picture
"Luminescent lullabies for insomniac sweethearts.” love this line. really powerful imagery here.
@VinMcCarthy this is amazing!! it is defiantly making me want to do something beautiful tonight instead of just going home and watching netflix! that god you posted this on a friday!
looks like Dubai
Loved reading this. well written, touching. I as well resonate with the light. Thank you for sharing.
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