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Killer Mike has had enough with the senseless killings in the urban community.
Killer Mike went to twitter to share his thoughts on the killings in Charleston, South Carolina. “I wish those folks in that church had been armed,” he wrote. “I know no one attacks NRA meetings.”
We shouldn’t be too surprised at Mike’s opinion on the right to bear arms, as he has shared similar thoughts in previous interviews. During a sitdown with FADER, Mike said “[M]y dad has been telling me my whole life: you would be insane not to own a gun. I'm a member of the National Rifle Association and a proponent of the Second Amendment. Now, is the NRA headed by some kooky-ass, crazy, bigoted, maybe even racist people? Abso-fucking-lutely. But name any other U.S. institution that isn't.”
Killer Mike brings up a serious topic point through his tweets: Should more citizens have guns on their person to prevent issues like this from happening?
He is absolutely right! The issue isn't making it harder to get a gun legally. Most shooters don't have the gun or guns legally anyway. Don't forget that most mass shootings happen in "gun free zones". If it was legal to carry a gun in a church, maybe one of those victims could have shot back and prevented so many from dying.
While it may be the easiest solution, I don't think it's the best. I just think there needs to be more restrictions to acquire a gun. A deeper process to comb through who will handle a gun properly
The problem isn't guns. It is the racists out there that pass their hatred on to their children for generations. A hatred so strong that you either agree with their point of view or you don't have a would literally be disowned. I have personally seen such hatred. If you come from a home that teaches non-prejudice it can be shocking at just how deep this hatred runs.
As an American I stand for my right to bear arms, and sadly it's just too easy for any psychopath to obtain firearms in this society. Yes they should require more from citizens in order to obtain weapons and also put more emphasis on education outside the gun range and law enforcement agencies. At this point, even police officers cannot be trusted and should be held accountable just as anyone else. Taxpayers are ultimately the people who can change this society for a better tomorrow.
In this crazy world, the solution could be as simple as this. Darwinism at its finest.