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Colorful. Energetic. Sexy. Upbeat. Typical K-pop MV right?
Not with MAMAMOO! Their new MV goes above and beyond...and has been receiving mixed reactions from fans.
The rookie group just released the "Um Oh Ah Yeh" MV for their latest album, "Pink Funky."
Here are a few "controversial" things that fans have pointed about the MV:
1. Solar "misgenders" Moonbyul's character and assumes she's a guy. (I see how this is an issue but it's a running theme we've seen in many K-dramas...classic "girl-mistaken-for-guy" misunderstanding).
2. Hwasa's character is basically a pervert and harasses Solar non-stop. (Isn't that just part of the story of the MV?)
3. Solar tried to drug Hwasa's character. (Okay, I'm not sure what to say since this was basically Solar's retaliation for Hwasa's perverted behavior).
4. Solar takes advantage of Moonbyul when she's passed out. (Alright, this one was just wrong. But it was probably meant to be funny...clearly, fans didn't think so).
5. Solar acts disgusted when she finds out Moonbyul is a girl. (I don't think people are realizing this is just Solar's character's reaction and not representative of MAMAMOO).
I see where fans are coming from with these points. Maybe MAMAMOO went a bit too far? Or is the MV being taken a bit too seriously?
What do you guys think?
Heard of the Anime Ouran High School Host Club? Well this parodies a lot of elements from that anime, it's just meant to be funny guys, stop taking it so seriously, not everything has to be a political statement, or people's views on the world, sometimes it's just for fun, like this video
Oh that wasn't directed at anyone here just at the people hating on this in general XD
I thought it was HILARIOUS (麓銉甡) I don't really think they went too far....Boy groups do drama parodies and even kiss....I mean you can tell this was purely for comedic entertainment not to be taken seriously lol. I thought it was funny.
totally taken too seriously. netizens SERIOUSLY need to take a large chill pill and relax
I thought it was a bit odd at first, but as previously stated above in the #1 spot, k dramas do this ALL the time. I do think however (at least the ones I've seen) they take a little more innocent approach when confusing the girl for the guy in the dramas, which in contrast, the video seems to have more of a sex appeal to it. So I can see why fans would be a bit more upset. Overall though it clearly shows it's a comical skit, nothing over the top
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