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Cipha Sounds has done a lot of amazing things for the rap community, but the Hip-Hop Improv show is his best work yet.
Cipha’s love for Improv started in 2011. Though he performed stand-up comedy for years and served as the DJ on Comedy Central’s Chappelle's Show, Cipha first became interested in improv when a producer at Hot 97 dragged him along to a show at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea. The Roc Nation became obsessed and began to enroll in improv classes. Realizing there was a gap between the rap world he spent his days in and the comedy world, Ciph merged the worlds with his Improv show titled "Take It Personal."
The show has become one of the go-to events in NYC within the hip-hop community on Friday nights. Some of his past guests include Action Bronson, 2 Chainz, Raekwon and more. I have been to the event, and it reminds me of a much cooler version of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” due to the no holds barred storylines the improv session can take on.
If you are ever free on a Friday night you have to attend the Improv show. You should get there early though, as the room always packs out.
@nicolejb yeah you should check it out, this is something that could grow to something special in a couple years
This is so sick! I’m definitely going to have to check this out!
Totally @christianmordi! I can see this getting really big, really fast!