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Dark elbows and knees can ruin ones self-esteem, especially in the warmer months.

Those shorts and sleeveless tops you want to wear this summer been reluctantly replaced with jackets and jeans. Stop burning up with layers on for no reason and follow these simple home remedies to turn those dark areas light within a matter of weeks. Nothing happens over night, so if you aren't the most patient person -- in this case, you may have to force yourself to be.
Our elbows and knees don't have the same elasticity as the rest of the skin on our body and no matter how much we lotion those two specific areas, they are normally more prone to being dry. Your elbows and knees can easily turn dark for several reasons, whether it's dry skin, hormonal imbalance, an increase in melanin or obesity -- don't be too self conscious, your elbows can easily transform from dark to light over time.

Coconut Oil: Man, coconut oil is like the holy grail of all holy grail's.

As you probably already know, coconut oil contains vitamin E which is known to lighten skin. Not only does it lighten, but it can heal damaged skin and even moisturizes the dry areas. Follow this routine daily after you shower.

Aloe Vera: A natural skin lightener that repairs damaged skin.

Aloe Vera Gel will lighten areas of your skin while keeping it both hydrated and moisturized at the same time.

Lemon: Yet again, the infamous lemon.

Lemons are perfect for helping promote healthy skin. Known to have natural bleaching and exfoliating properties, lemons will help in decreasing the darkness in both problem areas while depleting dead skin cells. You can add sugar to create your own lemon sugar scrub. Be sure to moisturize afterwards. Always.

Sugar: We're all familiar with sugar scrubs.

Using sugar as a scrub for your dark areas will exfoliate and soften your skin while lightening the area over time. Follow up as needed.

Disclaimer: I am in no way promoting skin bleaching.