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When your going-out outfits are always black, and you're trying to spice up your wardrobe without replacing all of your clothes, a statement purse or clutch can be just what you need to elevate an otherwise bland ensemble. These little bags are silly, adorable, and bound to shake up your little black dress.
Above purse from Kate Spade.
Splurge: This Gelareh Mizrahi bag from Nastygal. These lips add some serious sass to any outfit, and have a retro vibe to add dimension to a trendy look.
Save: this clutch from Forever 21. This dino is too cute to be true! Just don't let go of him or he may walk away with your cash.
Splurge: this Pierre Hardy clutch from Net-a-Porter. This bag is pretty and also keeps a badass eye on your stuff, so you don't have to.
Save: this clutch from ASOS. To add some downtown flair to an uptown chic ensemble, carry this "ice cream wrapper," which adds a youthful punch to a polished look.
Splurge: this Charlotte Olympia clutch from Net-a-Porter. The classic card design is unexpected, but also looks sweet with pretty much anything.
Save: this clutch from Nastygal. To make any outfit more summery, carry a bag that looks like a juicy piece of fruit. Bonus points if you carry this to a barbecue.
Splurge: this Ashlyn'd Cameron bag from Nastygal. Because no one carries around a classic film camera anymore, keep your more updated technology in this little bag.
Save: this clutch from Forever 21. This clutch brings the party so you don't have to.
Splurge: this Moschino Cheap and Chic wristlet from Shopbop. Maybe don't wear this wristlet around small children, but the monster is kitschy fun for a monochrome outfit.
Save: this clutch from Topshop. While this fuzzy guy isn't the most sophisticated, it's hilariously unexpected to wear with a classic little black dress.
Splurge: this Lulu Guinness clutch from ASOS. When you would otherwise wear a bright or glittery monochrome clutch to a party, you might as well be carrying your things in a little disco ball.
thank you, @danidee! I feel like they're such a great way to add some youthful fun to an otherwise serious outfit, too.
This is my favorite fashion card of all time. I love, love, love silly handbags and clutches. It's such a fun statement accessory, especially for the young at heart.