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Who said mascara can't be colorful and fun?

There's nothing like daring to be different and being the center of attention. You can do exactly that by following the colored mascara trend. No, it's not Halloween, but it is time that you step outside of your reserved shell and let your color shine through. Makeup is all about having fun and you can do just that by swapping out your typical black mascara for a pop of color on those long lashes of yours.
It may not be suitable for the office, but those weekend outings with your girls -- colored mascara is simply perfect. Mix and match colors and keep it colorfully chic. It might not be 1985 anymore, but color is back and better than ever. Cease to be amazed with these pops of color that will make your eyes pop and change your perspective on mascara forever.

Royal Blue Mascara: Let's talk most popular.

It's pretty obvious that royal blue mascara is the most popular when it comes to the color spectrum. Maybe it's because blue is the closest shade to black or maybe because blue mascara is simply beautiful and compliments any eye shade perfectly.

There's no such thing as too much color.

As if colored mascara was more than enough, throw a pop of color on your lips to complete your looks. 1980's meet 2015 and it never looked better.

If you're stepping out of your element and feel like you need some balance.

Throw on a nude lip to complete your lip. You can never go wrong with nude.
I sure will ^^ you've been very helpful in expanding my options and helping me find new amazing things @jordanhamilton
Yes!!! Give it a try. I think it definitely dresses any look up and makes your eyes instantly pop @Tamberea
Always wanted colored mascara but never felt the drive to get it but after seeing this post I certainly want some now ^^
that made my day!!! Thank you so much. I appreciate your contribution of comments to my cards. I look forward to expanding your options more in the future :) @Tamberea