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Sunday is Father's Day and in order to properly celebrate, we need to reminisce about the best dads we've watched on TV. These men are awesome and remind us of exactly why we love our own dads so much!
Every kid wants to tell Sandy Cohen their problems! He's all the things we love in a great dad - supportive, funny and noble. The kind of dad you never want to disappoint.
Tim "The Toolman" Taylor is the goofy dad, probably channeling my dad more than any of the others on this list. A total jokester, but serious when he needs to be.
Danny is the dweeby dad. Everyone out there with a dad who makes embarrassing jokes (they're called dad jokes for a reason) and tries to show people your baby pictures knows what I mean. It doesn't mean they're not lovable.
Louie is a totally unconventional father but I think he's the most realistic. Louis CK is a single dad himself, so he does a great job at portraying fatherhood. He dresses his girls for school and packs their lunches, instead of playing the stereotypical dopey single father who doesn't know a thing about raising kids. He figures fatherhood out, just like real dads.
Phil Dunphy just wants to be a kid again. He's the dad who makes pop culture references and tries to use slang when he gives advice to his kids. One of the most well-meaning fathers on TV, you can't help but love him.
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Phil Dunphy is actual perfection.
@skee292 he and Louis CK are the two most quotable TV dads. Love them.