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So you just finished a new book, and I don't mean any old book. You just finished the book. The book to end all books. The best written, story woven by God himself, cried because the characters aren't actually real, best book in the world. So whats next?
You can't just end it all now because you don't think any book can beat that one.
So you drive to the bookstore and begin the search (you know what search I'm talking about) to find a book better then the one you just read.
We've all been there, and trust me the struggle of finding a new book is harder then people can imagine. And we all go though the exact same thought process.
"How the hell am I suppose to find a better book?"
"Nothing is going to beat this last book why bother?"
"Oh My God look at all the beautiful books!"
"I could just stare at the endless shelves forever..."
"There are way to many fucking options"
"The shelves are all closing in on each other and I'm gonna die in an avalanche of books."
"Not a bad way to go."
"ok lets just choose a genera......fiction!"
"There are still to many options."
"So many books get published CLEARLY, so why can't mine?"
"Ohhh this cover looks interesting"
"I like that book let me keep looking"
"shhit I like that one too."
"Wait...that one sounds awesome too...."
"Dear god why don't they have shopping carts in bookstores?!!"
"How did I end up with too many options?"
"Ill shall just get them all!!!"
"WTF when did books become so expensive??"
"Good bye hard cover books, I aint rich."
"Welcome to the family new books. I love you already....please don't suck."
@TerrecaRiley no problem!!! I've been reading soooo much this summer it's awesome if you want a suggestion Sharp Objects by the author of Gone Girl was AMAZING
I need to stay reading again. Thanks for the inspiration