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If you're late getting on the Elementary bandwagon, hustle over to and catch up! The show just finished its third season, and it never fails to surprise me (in the best possible way). The entire design team on the show is FANTASTIC, but the music curators have managed to add more depth to the show than I would have thought possible. These are a few of my favorite underscored moments, but there are so many to choose from I'm sure I'm forgetting some! Spoilers ahead y'all...

Escape Artist by Zoe Keating

If you swipe to the left, you can watch the song being played via Youtube. Zoe Keating is both bizarre and talented. She uses software to record small sections of music in real-time, and then plays them back on a loop via foot pedals to accompany herslef as she plays. This allows her to create complex songs with only one instrument. Is this not the coolest thing you've ever heard? In the same way, Elementary managed to elaborate on their plot by reintroducing story elements on a loop, adding on to them as the season progressed to create the fraught relationship between Mycroft, Joan, and Sherlock.

Start Anew- Beady Eye

This song plays during the season one finale and the message is twofold. First, it's meant to emphasize the relationship between Sherlock and Watson. The showrunners have said that they wanted to keep their relationship platonic, while giving it the same intensity that the original stories had. Not an easy challenge, narratively speaking. To thank Joan for her cleverness, and show her that he appreciates and respects her, Sherlock names a bee after her. The only one of its kind, that managed to perservere despite impossible odds. It's sweet in a way that Sherlock usually isn't. The significance of the song is part of the second message. The end of this season leaves these characters in a good place: they are starting a partnership together and it symbolizes a new chapter of both of their lives. It's a touching, hopeful moment.

The Crooked Kind- Radical Face

The sinister relationship between Jaime and Sherlock escalated in season two, epsiode twelve. We got to see a more sympathetic side of the villain, which added to the complexity of their relationship. At first, the song sounded very mellow and has an almost lullabye wuality to it, but the lyrics evoke brutal imagery. I felt like this was the perfect combination of elements to describe these two characters.
I But all folks are damaged goods It ain't a talk of "if," just one of "when" and "how" So, collect your scars and wear 'em well Your blood's a good an ink as any Go scratch your name into the clouds And pull 'em all... down

Beekeeper- Keaton Henson

This song honestly feels like it was written for the season three finale because it's so perfect in so many ways. Depicting isolation and misery, self-inflicted loneliness is the theme of the song. It suits Sherlock perfectly. We've seen him struggling with his addiction, almost succumbing to it numerous times over the course of the series. He's found a support network in New York, but his brusque attitude and erratic behavior has made relationships difficult. While this moment tore my heart out, it felt like it had been a long time coming. I have no idea how the next season is going to resolve this!
Your friends, Your friends will always just be in your way Trust me, They'll die or leave you, either way Either way You all say I've crossed a line, But the sad fact is I've lost my mind You all say I've crossed a line, But the sad fact is I've lost my mind And I'm just getting started, let me offend The devil's got nothing on me my friend All I want is to be left alone Tact from me is like blood from a stone
It's always felt to me like one of the highest stakes in the series is total isolation for Sherlock. He's impatient with other people, but he also needs them, and that combination has always added so much tension to the show. The lyrics above seem to refer to that tension. I wonder if the song is foreshadowing for season four?