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Nothing like a Salt N Pepa throwback to brighten up your day! The acid wash jeans trend is making its way into the current fashion scene. The trend, which was popular in the 1980s is swinging its way back into fashion (just like Salt N Pepa are swinging their way back into pop culture with the Geico commercial).
Don't worry, I'm not telling you that an outfit just like this is coming back into style. The modern acid wash trend is more in singular pieces, not in the entire outfit. But isn't it fun to look back at this and reminisce?
Modern acid wash jeans mix the fabric from the 1980s with the form of today. Acid wash skinny jeans are becoming very trendy. You can pair them with a graphic tee of tank and rock a casual 80s look with a modern twist. More acid wash jeans are available here, here and here.
A modern twist on acid wash is to wear the fabric as an acid wash top. You can throw it over a tank or tee to edge up the outfit or wear it by itself. Acid wash tops are available here, here and here.
Another modern twist is an acid wash skirt or dress. Don't be afraid to try it -- you'll stand out in a really good way! You can find acid wash skirts or dresses here, here and here.
Have fun with the acid wash trend! Here is some inspiration from celebrities and fashionistas on ways you can style acid wash pieces.

Rock it!