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It's Father's Day Weekend and you probably want to do something with your Dad, right? You should take him to see Infinitely Polar Bear.
Infinitely Polar Bear is out today (June 19th, 2015) and it looks like the perfect movie to watch with your dad if you want to talk about your feelings. Father/son movies aren't usually emotional, indie-darling films but don't you want a better connection with your pops?
After you watch the movie, you will take him out to a bar, buy him his favorite beer/bar snack, and talk shop about your childhood. As you get drunk together, you'll start sharing more stories about your life.
"Hey Dad," you'll say, "Remember when I said I was staying at Kevin's when I was in high school? I was really in the park down the block drinking 40s on the swingset!"
"I remember those days!" He'll exclaim, "I used to drive around the block in the town I grew up in and toss rotten eggs at the hospital!"
You'll drink yourself into a stupor. You and your dad will stumble up and down streets, laughing or cackling like hyenas in the night. "The night is young" your dad will say, "and so are we."
You'll go from "bar to bar and wash the taste clean out". You'll finally feel that connection you've always wanted with your father. He'll put his arm around you and tell you he's proud of you and everything you've done with your life.
When you get back home -- to the house he raised you in -- he'll tell you to stay the night. You'll fall onto the couch and it'll smell the same way it did when you were 10 years old and he held you while you were sick with the flu. You'll hear him stumble into his room and collapse next to your mother and smile.

"Tonight was perfect." you'll think to yourself as you drift off to sleep.

Haha @shannonl5 my dad is the same way. He won't go anywhere near the "indie" categories on HBO or Netflix. Basically, in order for my dad to enjoy it, it has to involve at least one of the following: Tom Cruise, airplanes (preferably fighter jets) or a car chase. And as soon as he finds out that you haven't seen one of his favorites, he'll do one of the "WHAAAT! YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ___??? THAT MOVIE IS AWWWWWWWSOME!" and try to put it on right away
That's adorable. I've been trying to get my dad to see more 'alternative' movies (his standards for a good movie are: car chase, sex, and at least one gunfight). But the promise of beer is usually enough to bribe him to do anything, so that's a good call!
this is really sweet, and I like the sentiment. Buuuuuut I would never get this from my pops.
hahahah definitely had me fooled @paulisaverage
Love Mark Ruffalo. Great card!
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