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So you're invited to the beach one day this summer, and you can't wait to lie in the sun and socialize. And then you remember that everyone will be in beachwear, and the thought of putting on a bikini makes you want to hide indoors for the rest of your life. Relax! We've all been there, but this doesn't meet you have to decline the invite. There are other things that are acceptable beach wear; you don't even have to wear a swimsuit if you don't plan on swimming! I got you covered for an outfit that will keep you more covered.
Option #1: wear a one-piece.
One-piece swimsuits have been reincarnated in many fashionable styles, and no longer evoke associations of frumpy beachwear for older women. If you want to go in the water but aren't trying to bare all, a fashion-forward one-piece is the way to go. Find some stylish options here, here, and here, but these days, one-pieces that are still sexy can be found anywhere swimsuits are sold.
Option #2: wear a romper.
No one ever said you HAVE to wear a swimsuit to the beach. In fact, most beachy activities don't involve swimming, so a swimsuit shouldn't be necessary. Rompers can be so beachy that if you pick one in a lightweight material and a summery print, most people won't think twice about the fact that you aren't actually wearing a bathing suit.
If you don't already have a beach-ready romper, look for one like this, this, or this!
Option #3: wear cutoffs and a tank top.
Simple enough. Cutoffs are typical to wear over a swimsuit to the beach anyway, so if you don't take off this outer layer, no one will think anything of it. Let a bikini strap peek out from the tank if you want for that beachy vibe, but all you really need for the beach are flip-flops and sunglasses to look appropriate for the setting.
Option #4: wear a lightweight sundress.
Certain sundress just scream summer setting, and a lightweight option will fit right in at the beach. Pick one in a bright color or fun print, and make sure it doesn't have too much structure built in to keep the breezy vibe. Steer clear of anything with sleeves, or you'll start to look out of place in the sand.
Hint: think something like this or this.
Option #5: wear overall shorts.
Overall shorts are trendy but playful enough for the beach, and if you wear them over just a swimsuit (it can be a one piece!) as a top, you'll look positively beach-ready. Think of the overalls as a stylish update to a classic swimsuit cover-up. They'll look so cute, you won't have to explain to anyone why you never took them off!
At the end of the day, no one needs to tell you what to wear, but you shouldn't have to miss out on a fun opportunity just because you think you're supposed to wear something you don't want to wear. A bikini is really the laziest option for the beach these days, so why not break out of the mold and try something different, especially if it means you'll be more comfortable?