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Everyone knows it totally sucks to be broken up with. Even people who haven't been in a relationship have breakup playlists ready on their iPods for when the day rolls around.
But what people don't always worry about is being the person that does the breaking up. And it can be just as hard, if not harder.
1. No matter how much you want to end it, it still is gonna hurt.
So you think about all the shitty things that have been happening and slowly your love for them starts to ebb away into hate. But no matter how much better your life is going to be after you dump them, you will still feel bad. There was a point when you really, really cared for them. And while their negative qualities seriously overtook their positive ones, its hard not to forget the good times.
So don't go into the break up thinking its gonna be a breeze. You'll feel sad for awhile and thats ok.
2. You can't take back what you said
Right after you say you want to break up, you are going to want to take it back. Seeing your (now) ex so hurt will make you think that you guys might be able to work it out. But you can not take back what you said. The damage has been done and now you just have to wait it out a bit. Take some time to yourself, once you aren't face to face with your crying ex, things will become a lot clearer.
3. You will need to talk all the terrible things they did
If you were with this person for any significant amount of time you will feel the slightest bit of doubt. At this time you need to have your friends remind you of all the terrible things he did to you. He made you cry, called you fat, was terrible in bed, ate all your food, was a total jerk anytime they drank..., I'm sure your friends can drag that list on forever.
Pull up a chair, pig out on some dips and chips, and enjoy the fact that with everything they say you are feeling more and more confident with your decision.
4. You will start stalking them
I don't mean actually lurking in their garbage can with binoculars. But you will be checking their Facebook, twitter, anything. You will also begin stalking the next person that ends up with them. It's just how it goes in this new era of social media. It is so easy to keep tabs on whats happening and way to easy to see that your ex is treating his next a shit load better then you.
5. You seriously will not regret it
Yeah, it sucks for a few days, but then you go out and get drunk and realize you don't have to fight with anyone that night. You can just be with your friends and have an amazing time. Fight through the first 24 hours. Afterwards the freedom will feel sweet.
@TerrecaRiley @LizArnone I agree with you. Friendship break up was a thing that ened my life for 3 years. Half a year ago I finally managed to pick myself from the floor and starting to "live" again. It's much easier to find or to get love (partnership, etc) than find a true best friend.
I know I talk about the one thing a lot, but even ending friendships can be just as hard. I had to break of a friendship because I found myself falling for my best friend. Time and again I'd try to put my feelings for him aside but they all came seeping through so I just called it a day. WORSE BREAK UP EVER!! I pray everyday to hear from him and I cry sometimes but I find that as time goes by I don't feel the same way anymore, about him or the break up. Still hurts though. Today I was deleting some pictures and saw some pictures of him... I'm wondering if anyone outside heard when I made that noise!
@rodiziketan I'm happy that you're getting over it.
@rodiziketan im glad you are on the road to recovery, because losing a best friend is heart breaking!! but at least now you are opening yourself up for a new friendship to come along, Maybe a best friend?
@LizArnone so true! there's so much I wanna say to him every single day. @rodiziketan I have my fair amount of male and female friends but none compares to Neville :'(
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