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Some duos are just legendary for their companionship. Duos like Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Tom and Jerry, Or Batman and Robin. Some duos, like Murtagh and Riggs, are recognized for their awesome chemistry as buddy cops. But I think there are some video game characters who outshine even that most popular of crime-fighting duos.

Jak and Daxter - Jak and Daxter series

Jak and Daxter are, simply put, hilarious. Their in-game antics are equal parts slapstick comedy and zippy one-liners. For the entire first game, Jak is basically voiceless, though he gains this voice in the second and third installments.
In these further installments, He also gains guns. Sweet, sweet guns. So the duo start blasting their way around the world, destroying metal-heads and other such atrocities, becoming the heroes they were destined to be, even as Jak's darkness grows.
They play off of each other really well, and Daxter is a weird ferret-thing. What's not to love?

Ratchet and Clank - Ratchet and Clank Series

Much like Jak and Daxter, this duo comes prepackaged in their own game! Also a Playstation exclusive like Jak and Daxter.. not an intended pattern though.
Unlike Jak and Daxter, though, Ratchet and Clank come with guns from the start. Man, aren't video game guns awesome? Especially ones held by anthropomorphic animals! though in Ratchet's case, he's a Lombax, an alien being similar to a bipedal cat.
This duo works on so many levels because they are direct foils to each other. Clank, the diminutive robot, is logical and approaches situations with a degree of caution and restraint. Ratchet, however, dives in face-first, gun blazing. Together they form a cohesive, and effective, unit.

Megaman and Zero - Megaman franchise

Megaman is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. with dozens of games across various platforms spanning several generations of consoles. It is a defining staple of all of Capcom's video games.
It also includes two of the most badass characters ever to grace videogaming. Megaman is instantly recognizable, the blue reploid who fights on behalf of humanity with his megabuster arm. Less known, perhaps, is his sometimes rival sometimes partner Zero, a reploid who is often portrayed as initially stronger than Megaman though ultimately winds up playing second fiddle.
With these two leading the front against villainy, there is no one who could stand against them.