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Can you spot the Tardis? Artist GP Abrajano recreated this iconic Seurat painting re-imagined to include our favorite time-traveler. Makes me wonder how the Doctor would have been incorporated in the musical Sunday In the Park With George? I'm so fascinated by the fusion of classical art with modern characters and stories, and I'm always looking for more!
This mashup by The Other Mike feels like a crossover match made in heaven to me. What would even happen? Would it be possible for these two characters to meet without completely disrupting the space-time continuum? I have a soft spot for fandom collisions like these.
Speaking of crossovers, here's Sherlock and John (from the BBC adaptstion) with a Dalek. Probably about to be exterimated. If you haven't seen it yet, reapersun's art is extraordinary. They create fanworks for Sherlock, Star Trek, and of course Doctor Who.
This one looks really epic, and then you read the caption: "Martha Jones Doesn't Look at Explosions". Um, heck yeah! That's the mark of a true BAMF. Drawn by onegemini, this totally made me smile. What an awesome reminder of one of the best characters from the show.
Art like this always puts me in a great mood. It's great to be part of a community that's so creative and passionate. I find that fanart really feeds my imagination. What if this happened What would this mean for the characters? This was so much fun to pull together!
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@Chronosphere that's a really good place to start! I feel like the first doctor is really interesting but kind of alienating (unintentional pun) because they didn't hit their stride until later
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We can always message to brainstorm and then I don't mind making the final product if you like!
2 years ago·Reply
@shanoonl5 sounds good to me =)
2 years ago·Reply
I love this. I love you.
2 years ago·Reply
@IzzyPanda awwwww! I love you too! <3
2 years ago·Reply