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It’s been a long time coming, but mixtape Weezy is back.
There was a time in the past where Lil Wayne he most polarizing figure in rap music. Even if you weren’t a fan of his music, you had to tune in to hear who he called out or what clever punchline he spit. Weezy went through a dry spell, but after his free album drops it’s game on for the New Orleans native.
Wayne has had a strong 2015. All of his guest spots (Tyler The Creator “Smuckers,” A$AP Rocky “M’s”) possessed high quality verses. Weezy then shocked the world by announcing a partnership with Jay-Z on his Tidal music platform. Weezy has immediately put his new platform to use, as he will release his “Free Weezy” album on Tidal.
From a business perspective, the "Free Weezy" album is a smart move. He will generate an unreal amount of traffic to the platform. If this project is up to par with his previous features this tape will capture the attention of mainstream and underground fans across the globe. This album could usher in the rebirth of the golden era in Lil Wayne’s career.
@danidee I feel you on that, my college roomate was a HUGE lil wayne fan, while I am not the biggest fan of his music, his run during that time period was undeniable. I credit weezy for changing the trend in music in regards to dropping music at a faster rate.. the standard back then was a track or two here and there, but mostly you had to wait a year or so for an artist to drop a mixtape.. Weezy Changed the game for sure
I love 'mixtape Weezy'. I remember when his No Ceilings mixtape dropped waaay back when. That's all me and my friends listened to for months.
I feel like everything surrounding the Tha Carter III era was his best stuff. I can see not being a huge Lil Wayne fan though. Some of his lyrics are kinda dumb lol.