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You Can Do It! Beginner's Guide to Chin-Ups

Chin-ups are hard for both men and women -- even the strongest, fastest, and coordinated have a difficult time with this exercise. This is definitely an exercise that takes time and consistency. Even when I was at my strongest, I was able to get about 3 chin-ups in. If you start off with doing chin-ups with the chin-up bar, you may just find yourself hanging there waiting for the meat-head gods to give you that bro lift up for the chin-up -- you'll be waiting awhile.
But don't get discouraged! It's possible to build up into this exercise. I'll give you 3 ways you can build your chin-ups with assistance.

Assisted Chin-Up With Bands

For this exercise, you'll need either a chair or someone to help you position yourself. You can either place your knee or leg in the band. Complete your chin-up as normal. When unraveling yourself from the band, do it slowly and step one foot out first.
This will help alleviate some of your weight so it's easier to lift yourself.
You can buy this assist band at stores like Dick's Sporting Goods.

Assisted Chin-Ups With Machine

The machine may be a little less threatening than the band, since you're able to quickly get off and on the machine. Depend on what kind of machine you'll be placing either your foot or your knees on the pad. You'll be able to figure that out on the instructions available on the machine.
I'd say that the bands would help you more, because with the machine, it's easy to set an easy weight that doesn't allow your body to really to work enough for the movement.

Assisted Chin-Up With A Bro (or Sis-Bro)

Here you have more of a variety as far as difficulty. You can have someone assist you by having them hold your feet or ankles. They can lift as much or as little weight from your movement. The photo here is actually a pull-up, but you get the point.
Additional info:
Chin-up - underhand
Pull-up - overhand
Soon you'll be able to do this! ;)
Alright meat-heads, WORK!
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