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So for this exciting look, all you need are flexi rods as they are called. You can simply purchase these ar your local drugstore such as CVS,Walmart, or WallGreens. Many come in different sizes so make sure you pick the size you like! You can do this coming from the shower or by just spritzing some water onto your lovely locks. I recommend using some argon oil to keep the hair shiny and frizz free! There are many methods on how to do this. start with the hair UNDER the flexi rod, and begin wrapping it at the base and make your way up from there then secure the ends. Do this for all your hair and either sit and wait a few hours or go to sleep and wake up with beautiful hair! This is very inexpensive and cost way less than any curling iron!! Hope this helped :)
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Awesome! This is pretty helpful! I actually didn't know what flexi rods are and I had to google what they look like. I'll try this method tomorrow!