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Six Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses
Happy Friday! Here are six gorgeous Galia Lahav gowns that will leave you stunned!
I picked these in particular because these remind me of what romance and fairy tale enchantment looks like in wedding dresses! Before today, I had never heard of Galia Lahav. If any of these are hitting you over the head for attention, check out her website by the same name.
And you know how I love to mention Trunk Shows! She's got just three left of the season!!!!
Fri, June 26th – Sun, 28st
Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection
Thu, July 2nd – Sun, 5th
Neiman Marcus
Fri, July 10th – Sun, 12th
The Dress Theory
This card is going into my Designer Bridal Collection. If you haven't already done so, please click here to see tons of stunning gowns. Feel free to follow the collection as well!
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The last two are amazing !
2 years ago·Reply
Hi @jibarito glad you love the last two. what's your number one priority in a wedding dress?
2 years ago·Reply
As a guy I probably have a different outlook on it, but I'd probably say elegance and comfort. I definitely would like the bride to be comfortable in the dress, I would hate for her to compromise comfort just to wear a dress that "looks good"
2 years ago·Reply
Love them :)
2 years ago·Reply
the first one was the coolest and prettiest
2 years ago·Reply