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If you know me, then you know that my first reaction to doing wedding favors is a resounding NO! However, I know that I can't be so dogmatic about it. It's really just a personal preference that I wish I could get the whole world to succumb to. Like that's going to happen!
If you must go the route of handing your guests a memento of the day, would you consider something edible? YES PLEASE! Everyone wants something to eat. Plus, if your wedding is boring or dry, at least your guests will have something to munch on when the leave your nuptials to the nearest bar.
May I suggest French Macarons? I wrote a card about it here, which you can read about how to make them. I just find them so delicious, delicate and perfect. I first discovered them at the Studio City Farmer's Market on a Sunday. I took one bite and was in heaven! Which reminds me...maybe I should hit the market again this Sunday!
Besides the incredible taste, LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS these are packaged?! I want them just for the stunning box! Am I a lunatic?