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It was really humid this week so Kayla and I decided to make something light and refreshing for Tuesday lunch. Since, I have rice paper at home we wanted to try @danidee's pad thai spring roll recipe. Pad thai was out of our reach so we replaced it ramen (because it was the fanciest noodle we found in the kitchen). We only have 1 hour of lunch break so we simplify it as much as possible. And with the help of our co-worker, Kurt, we finished it with a blast. Oh, and we even have time for a little homemade dessert (recipe below).
Chop the tofu into cubes and place it in a medium bowl. Add flour and 1-2 teaspoon of sesame oil (this will help make the tofu golden brown when frying).
Heat up the frying pan and start grilling the tofu pieces. Flip it once after 1-2 minutes. Then take it off the grill and set it aside. After you finish, you may want to season the tofu with a soy sauce + brown sugar sauce. Tofu seasoning: In a small bowl, mix 2 teaspoons of soy sauce and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. Evenly distribute it on top of the grilled tofu.
In a saucepan, bring hot water to boil and throw in ramen. Cook it without the seasoning packet and drain the noodle when finished.
Have a bowl of warm water ready. You'll be dipping the rice paper to make the roll.
Dip rice paper in warm water. Lay the rice paper on a plate. Then start adding in tiny portion of veggies, ramen and cilantro to the rice paper. The roll it!

If you're a visual learner follow along with the video below!

These recipes sound delicious, and so simple!! @danidee never steers us wrong ^^
@danidee I'm actually not a pro at rice paper rolling. My mom is the expert. I just followed her method: Dip the rice paper in a bowl and immediately transfer it to the rolling plate (while it's still a little hard). After you finish adding the fillings the rice paper should be soft, but not to the point it will stick to the plate. That's all!
This is the coolest!! I especially love the video. And I'm seriously envious of the rice paper rolling skills in this video. My rice paper either dries out too early, gets too loose, or just sticks together strangely. Do you have any tips?
I think I just let my rolls get too soft before I add the ingredients, and then it ends up falling apart later. I'm going to have to switch that around. Hopefully, it'll help!