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I've only realized that it's been a while since I've posted hefty stuff for my favorite actress. Enjoy the pictures! Here is a quote which illustrates another reason why she's so awesome. "Song Ji Hyo debuted as an actress ten years ago, and during these ten years, she has steadily worked on many great projects, when asked about her future plans, the actress said, "There are no plans yet, I'm not the kind of person who would plan ahead what to be done, just like usual, the next project might as well something that catch my attention. If there is an opportunity where the role requires me to show the best of me, I would take it and I do not care if the role will ruin my image.” That's one dedicated actress. Song Ji Hyo fighting!
@june (*´ー`)
ya you are right, she looks so natural in the shots here!
Agreed! (o^∇^o) These low-key and much more natural photo shoots are the best.
so stylish!! ^^