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I am in no way a morning person. I prefer to sleep in and stay in my warm and comfortable bed rather than get my bum out of bed. Namely because when I do get up, even after a full night sleep, sometimes even after coffee; I still feel tired! Not just "groggy" but sometimes full on tired. It sucks because any cushy pieces of furniture in the house can become a rudimentary bed. So, when a friend told me that if you looked directly at the sun (eyes closed for cry-yai) that it helps boost your energy and helps you wake up. I can see why this could be true, however. Everyone and their dog knows that vitamin D comes from being in the sun and has many benefits on one's overall health. This can include helping to improve one's mental health and also boost one's mood along with other things. The act of staring at something bright even with your eyes closed forces you to wake up as well; because honestly, who can really feel sleepy with something as bright as the sun in your face? The act of doing this is simple: ♡Go outside and get yourself to a spot of direct sunlight. ♡Close your eyes and point your face towards the sun. (DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITH EYES OPEN) ♡Maintain that position for about 30 seconds to a minute or however long you want to. ♡ You can do stretches during this to loosen up and warm yourself up for the day. ♡Be aware of what you're skin is like so you don't damageit. Happy waking all!
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Interesting! It wouldn't be a bad idea to lay on a blanket at the park for an afternoon nap.