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Kim Hee Sun said she evaluates her return to be a success, regardless of the ratings her drama received. On the December 17 broadcast of SBS′ Healing Camp, the actress talked about her recent drama Faith and said, "I personally want to think of it as a success." The actress made numerous issues this year for her return with Faith, a 10 billion won blockbuster drama. Even her casting had made issues as soon as it was announced, as she was set to act with the popular actor Lee Min Ho, a man 10 years her junior. The drama then seemed to leave a blotch on her near-perfect career as the ′Queen of Ratings′, as it received viewership ratings that did not meet expectations. Regarding ratings, however, Kim Hee Sun showed she was beyond the issue: "These days people watch dramas through DMB or internet downloads a lot. I don′t think ratings these days are that important." She then added, "I think [my return was] a success because I got to act with Mr. Lee Min Ho, who is 10 years younger than me. In the past it was unimaginable to have an actress act with someone 10 years younger." She also voiced her thankfulness toward Lee Min Ho′s fans. "I was very worried," she said. "I′m married and even have a child, and I was acting with a hot actor; I was worried whether it would be believable. I didn′t talk about my husband or my child much on set on purpose. I was so thankful that Mr. Lee Min Ho′s fans liked me." The actress also said that she has to "receive blood transplants regularly" while talking about her health and her beautiful body, and then went on to honestly confess that she had once been an obnoxious superstar. cr:sbs
she's pretty
even the dialogues are funny if you would be able to catch the wit in them... and Min Ho had justified all the emotions which had to be felt... if Koreans couldnt appreciate the Drama that much, we do!
I agree, I even watched Faith three times! well, cant get enought of LMh
I agree, I watched Faith online and I absolutely in love with it. <3
I agree ;)
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