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MAN WITH ACNE AT 21 (I just realized that the acne on my face isn’t even ready to leave me even though I am going to turn 22 soon, so in a jest I wrote this meaningless poem to express my feelings, hope someone would be able to relate with me)
Acne, acne why you no going? Face is gone, but scars still no going?
Some sayings teenage problem and later eraser like going
But my face is story telling a different one so who to trusting?
Water, water bladder full but still no chance of face clears
Face washing, scrubbing, rubbing all done, but no sign of clearing
Money all going but results still yet to be declaring from the face department
I, 21, young and strong but face looking mirror, I crawl insiding my shell.
Acne, acne, you breaking a little piece of me one day at a time, and its hurting more than the last kicking in my balls
What I doing so that you going far away? Long staying guest is not goodings
Oh acne, I prayings to you that you leaving soon, before my timings of my date clashing with you.
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I would recommend removing milk from your diet if you do consume it.
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