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What's the deal here? Super Junior's been running short on members for a few years now, and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop. They're all approaching the age of enlistment, and while a few have gone through with it, there's still several members that need to go. So why not add two members who aren't going to leave? Henry (and Zhou Mi, for that matter) are both more than capable of being part of SuJu full time.
There have been some objections from fans (mostly the hardcore ones who are still hoping for Kibum's return) but for the most part, I think we're all in favor of having some "new" people in Super Junior. What do you guys think?

If I had my own kpop group, I'd want my fanclub to be called the trolls or the T.R.O.L.Ls and have it be a super ridiculous acronym for something, but anyway... I love Henry! He'd be a great addition to SuJu's main lineup. I feel like SuperJunior has become kind of a stale group, and making Henry a full-time SuJu would breathe some life back into it.
Yes! Henry and Zhou Mi should be a part of SJ they totally deserve it!!! Oh btw ELF stands for Ever Lasting Friends, so that's why SJ fans are named after Santa's helpers, wether or not they spend the whole year making toys, I can't say either XD great video @DancingPartyTme ^^
@MattK95 thanks for clearing that up!! And I'm glad you agree :)
Yesss!!! I'm down for this! ^_^
@DancingPartyTme no problem ^^