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Birth Name: Cao Lu
Stage Name: Cao Lu
Nickname: Jagiya (Honey) - The Mood Maker
Date of Birth: August 30, 1987
Group Position: Sub-Vocal
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit (Same as me!!!!!)
Blood Type: O
Height: 166 cm - 5'5
Weight: 47 kg - 103.6 lbs - 7.4 stone

!Fun Facts!

Role model: Jang Nara
Ideal type: K.Will
Favorite Colour: orange
Favorite Fashion style: depends on her mood
Favorite Music style: ballads
Favorite Movie: Roman Holiday (I LOVE her for this, @MattK95 I know you will too \(^o^)/)
Favorite Food: everything!
- Has a dog named Doryun
- Is learning to play the guitar
- Her family is among the China’s top 1% families (Basically this means she's a RICH kid!!!)
- Was a backdancer for SunnyHill’s Midnight Circus MV and performances back in 2011

Social Media

Instagram - l_ukiya (Her Instagram is so cute^^)
Twitter - GO_CaoFIESTAR
She's so pretty ^^
Credit to the owners of these photos and gifs (I do not own any of the gifs or photos)
OMG she loves "Roman Holiday" !!!! ^^ Audrey Hepburn is one of my absolute favourites! She is so brilliant in that movie \(^o^)/ Also Cao Lu is really pretty, and totally awesome :D
She is so pretty!!! Love her hair! :)
@poojas I KNOW RIGHT!!!