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If I had to live without K-Pop, Playlist... Part 1

Okay so I probably had a slightly unfair advantage with this one, while yes K-Pop is the bulk of what I listen to, I also have a fair selection of J-Pop, Mando-Pop, C-Pop, and V-Pop ect. that I love listening to :)
Here is but a taste of some of the songs I love, outside of K-Pop :D

1. Ayumi Hamasaki - Marrionette

Queen Ayu!!! The live version is the only version fully available on YouTube, but I'll include a link to where you can watch the full MV, this girl is so incredible considering she is deaf in one ear!
You can watch the whole MV right >>here<< if you wish to ^^

2. Yun Duo - My LouLan

Which basically means "My Northern Kingdom" or "My China"
I love this song so much, and her voice is so incredible, plus I adore the aesthetic of this music video, simple yet classy ^^

3. Xu Liang - Mr. Rainbow (Feat. Shiga Lin)

Do not ask me why I like this song, don't judge, simply listen XD
So I know its weird, and really makes absolutely no sense, but if you can get past that it's actually a pretty cool song... I feel rather vulnerable sharing this song lol
I do think this would possibly work as a great Skittles advert :P

4. Đông Nhi - Vì Ai Vì Anh

Vietnam's take on Twilight XD, not really, but in my personal opinion a better movie could have been made from this MV lol
I adore this song, so funky \(^o^)/

5. Coke Lee - Let Me Love You

So I'll start by saying this guy possibly has the coolest name in existence lol
But seriously this is such a cool song and the MV is really sweet, bit of a slow jam, but there is nothing wrong with that!

6. Alan - Ashite e no Sanka

(The song title means "A Hymn For Tomorrow")
Love this song so much, the MV is a little bit strange, but I still think it's cool ^^

7. [Alexandros] - Wataridori

Loosely translates to "Migratory Birds" and the MV is about one of two best friends moving away.. kind of sad, but it's a really great song either way :)

8. Sekai No Owari - Death Disco

So I love every single thing about this ^^
This group is kind of goofy and wacky but I love that :D
That water falling in the background of their stage, in the shape of question marks is so cool ^^
Fun Fact - the leader of this band Fukase is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's boyfriend

9. Kumi Koda - Dance in the Rain

Another fantastic song... unfortunately the full version isn't available on YouTube, but you can still watch it if you click this link right >>here<< I promise it's worth it ^^

10. Leehom Wang - Dream Life

Okay so he's clearly not much of a dancer, but give him a break, this song is so fun and upbeat ^^

11. G.E.M - Long Distance

Don't cry... well it's okay if you do cause I did, I'm pretty sure this song is about long distance relationships

12. Hirose Satoshi "Jimmy" Obsession - "FLASHBACK"

J-Rock! I Love it, what can I say XD

13. Perfume - 575 (Haiku)

I never expected to hear these girls rap, I love them, and I am so hooked on this song ^^

14. 365Daband - ANH SỢ MẤT EM

More V-Pop greatness, upbeat song, the MV is a little bit sad, but overall a fantastic song :)

15. Namie Amuro - Anything

So yes this is sung in English, but she is still Japanese so it still counts XD
and it's a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics :D

16. Fujita Maiko - Soredemo Watashiwa

This girl is like the queen of Anime themes XD
this song is actually from a game though, how awesome is that ^^

17. JJ Lin - Beautiful (Feat. G.E.M)

I love collaborations, especially good ones, and this one is beautiful :P

18. Kimberley Chen - Good Girl (Feat. Xiao Jie)

I love everything about this, nuff said XD

19. Misia - Deepness

Turn the volume up, cause it makes it sound epic ^^
Okay I love this song, but seriously what is up with the whole turban look XD
I'm talking about the whole "Yes I just showered and put my hair up in a towel, but it's a fancy sparkly towel" look she has going on lol, I still love it though XD
I was going to do 20 songs but it seems it won't let me add anymore tabs :'(
Look forward to further parts of my playlist later ^^ I have soooo many songs I want to share so I don't know how many parts I'll be doing just yet XD
Credit to the owners of these videos
This was amazing! Seriously. I've been missing out so much with these awesome songs! (≧▽≦)
I've heard of Kumi Koda! Seungri was on a show with her once.
wow such a playlist of songs. i don't really listen to jpop/jrock music but I'll check out these you mentioned later
Wow! Awesome! And this is part 1!
Yun Duo is AMAZING!!! Mr. Rainbow is gonna be stuck in my head~~~ ASHITA E NO SANKA !!!! Alexandros Watridori is still on repeat! ;) 575 is one of my favourite Perfume songs! I love when she cuts the rope with scissors in Good Girl!! So funny! You know I love you so freakin much for putting Fujita Maiko and 365 Daband on this list right?! Totally awesome Matty!
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The Soundtrack to Life - Playlist Challenge!!!
Yes my peeps, it is time for another challenge, and this time it might be very tough for some of you, but before I get into that, I would like to thank @nenegrint14 for her challenge of a workout playlist. It was a lot of fun, so thank you ^^ This time our challenge is going to be a little different... (Que dramatic cartoon music) So the basic theme is Asian Pop, but... ...This time... ...There is no K-Pop allowed!!!... (More dramatic cartoon music) I know what you might be thinking... But I think this challenge will be fun ^^ This idea comes from my beautiful little sister @jiggzy19 Her reasoning behind this is to help broaden everyone's musical horizons, and to challenge you to discover something new ^^ Side Note: It cannot be a Korean artist singing in another language, these people have to be from an Asian country other than Korea, and their music can't be in Korean!! Now, we understand that not everyone is knowledgeable about other artists in the Asian Pop world, so we thought we would give you a short list of Artists you can check out and then you guys can go hunting from there ^^ So here are a few to check out \(^o^)/ Perfume Japanese Electro Pop at it's best! I love this trio! pretty much every single song of theirs is catchy and will probably get stuck in your head XD check them out >>here<< Wang Leehom This guy is one of the biggest stars in China and is among the highest paid celebrities worldwide, he is great friends with Jackie Chan and is even in a couple of his movies! He recently starred in the movie "Blackhat" with Chris Hemsworth! Check him out >>here<< Kimberley Chen Kimberley is from Australia!!!! \(^o^)/ she has a unique voice, but that's one of the reasons I love it so much! Check her out >>here<< 365 Daband Straight from Vietnam to your computer screen these guys are definitely quirky, and sometimes a little weird, but who doesn't love a little weird every now and then, plus their music is awesome^^ Check them out >>here<< That should be enough to get you started, hopefully YouTube recommendations, and a little bit of exploring can get you the rest of the way ^^ You all know how I love me some fancy footwork ^^ @harmonico @DancingPartyTme @danidee @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @jiggzy19 @XiaoKaiTian @aabxo @honeysoo @poojas @SivegechHeang @LydiaPark14 @Ambie @snowinseoul @Uniangel18 @Christy @KpopJunkiesTV @StarBabes @SamanthaDuron15 @shashae5296 @B1A4BTS5ever @Allyphernelia @jroffan @sherrysahar @jimberleykemp @nielswife @xoxoaudra98 @TaehyungKey @divalycious @callmekaren @Aero2042 @chandnip804 @nenegrint14 @Cryomorph @chasinghapiness @Miss148 @NanaSomon @whissy44 @lollipopdollie @heirress @GraceDowns97 @stevieq @SunnyV @deemonster100 @JackieMurrayCab @Dahliadang @StephanieDuong @kimikodragon @MayraGrijalva @casiegarza0330 @Rhia @erlindafishy @hamxerh @WiviDemol @LinnyOk @rem191997 @happyface1497 @SakuraBlossom96 @AmberMaze @sosm @adikiller Ok so if we forgot to tag you I am so sorry, me and jiggzy just tagged everyone we could think of, so if we missed you and you would like to be tagged next time let us know in the comment section :) Also don't forget that you aren't obligated to do this whether we tagged you or not, if you are interested in doing this I hope you have fun!!! If you want to see everyone's awesome playlists, or catch up on past ones or any you may have missed, you can follow the collection >>here<< if you want to :D Here are the rules in case you are new to this :D 1. You create a playlist according to the given theme. 2. You can use any Asian music you like, doesn't just have to be K-Pop, but it must be relevant. 3. You can basically add as many songs as you like, (has to be more than 2) the normal amount is about 10 songs. 4. Remember to tag me (@MattK95) in you card so that I will definitely see it and clip it to "The Soundtrack to Life" collection, and tag the person who came up with the playlist theme, in this case (@jiggzy19) that will change with every playlist theme though! 5. Be as creative as you wish, and have fun!!!!! \(^O^)/ here are some awesome examples :) StephanieDuong's Workout Playlist Harmonico's Intro to K-Pop Playlist Miss148's Intro to K-Pop Playlist Danidee's Favorites by Favorites Playlist Credit to the owners of these Photos, Links, and gifs ^^
Soundtrack to life non kpop playlist *^▁^*
First time making a playlist so I hope you guys like it. Thnx for the invite @MattK95 Awesome theme from @PassTheSuga and @aabxo. Let's see where this goes lol Everything changes - Bii, Andrew Tan, Ian, Dino Just recently heard this song and thought it was cute, Love Bii and Andrew speaking of Bii most of my non kpop songs belong to him lol Feel good - Bii I just personally love this song so just throwing it in the mix lol I will be by your side -Miu Chu + Bii Had to add this one cause it is the song that introduced me to Asian music and got me into Kpop (mostly YouTube's fault lol) Come back to me - Bii So cause I listen to spotify and all his songs on there are titled in mandarin finding them was just not happening sooo.... here's the spotify link Lmao = ̄ω ̄= Watch a lot of anime so anime openings are a given, I've listened to the full version of this song too but it's been awhile so forgot the artist, still wanted to share though Million Love, anime: Kage Kara Mamarou Loved Romeo x Juliet, was the most awesome romance action anime I've watched (personal opinion) , beginning song is Raise me up in Japanese, Love this song in English had to sing it in elementary for chorus so I was addicted to this anime as soon as I heard this song, so many memories *swipes away tear * Inori Wa (Raise me up)- sung by Lena Park Naturally Death Note had to be randomly put here cause why not The World - Nightmare Unstoppable life - Bii listen to a lot of Bii ~T_T~ love this song, don't know any English title for it though Shi Zai Bi Xing -Andrew Tan and Bii Lol probably going to stop with 10 since I don't have a lot of diversity My playlist kinda turned into randomness lol but I hope you guys like it tried my best lol ≧﹏≦
!!!Soundtrack to Life!!! !!!New Playlist Challenge!!! zzZ..Sweetie Dreamie..Zzz
I'd just like to say that I understand the spelling of Dreamy in the title is was entirely intentional :D Our new playlist theme comes from my fellow staff member, and my little sister @jiggzy19 (who just turned 16 last tuesday!!!!) The new theme is Sweetie Dreamie, which is basically anything that you listen to before going to sleep, that puts you to sleep, or that you listen to while sleeping! If you're like me, then it only takes one or two songs before you're out like a light... XD Here are the rules of this challenge for anyone who is new to this ^^ 1. You create a playlist according to the given theme. 2. You can use any Asian music you like, doesn't just have to be K-Pop, but it must be relevant. 3. You can basically add as many songs as you like, (has to be more than 2) the normal amount is about 10 songs. 4. Remember to tag me (@MattK95) in you card so that I will definitely see it and clip it to "The Soundtrack to Life" collection, and tag the person who came up with the playlist theme, in this case it's @jiggzy19, that will change with every playlist theme though! 5. Only publish your playlists in relevant communities!!! 6. Tag your friends in the comment section to challenge them :) 7. Be as creative as you wish, and have fun!!!!! \(^O^)/ Just in case you want some examples here are a couple of randomly picked ones ^^ @WiviDemol's Halloween Playlist @KellyOConnor's Halloween Playlist Once again I am just tagging my friends here on Vingle, but anyone is welcome to do this challenge, just make sure you follow the rules ^^ @aabxo @DancingPartyTme @PassTheSuga @kpopandkimchi @sherrysahar @snowinseoul @poojas @KpopJunkiesTV @chandnip804 @xoxoaudra98 @nielswife @TaehyungKey @LydiaPark14 @christy @harmonico @Allyphernelia @shashae5296 @jroffen @jimberlykemp @StarBabes @SamanthaDuron15 @XiaoKaiTien @B1A4BTS5ever @Uniangel18 @kimjongdaily @ChesterH @StephanieDuong @stevieq @DannyNeders @KpopGaby @netchtiBates @danidee @whissy44 @lollipopdollie @heirress @GraceDowns97 @SunnyV @deemonster100 @JackieMurrayCab @Dahliadang @kimikodragon @Rhia @erlindafishy @WiviDemol @rem191997 @happyface1497 @SakuraBlossom96 @AmberMaze @adikiller @Ambie @SashaLove @divalycious @Aero2042 @jiggzy19 @MinionPeach17 @nenegrint14 @Cryomorph @chasinghapiness @Miss148 @NanaSomon @shannonl5 @cindystran @DocLee @RobertMarsh @AgentLeo @ButterflyBlu @daznothephop @majesticx @KutieKiKi @VixenViVi @amobigbang @allischaaff @AimeeH @baileykayleen @heidichiesa @chelseamurdoch @leanna123 @UKissMeKevin @electica As always please don't feel pressured to do this simply because I tagged you ^^ If you no longer want to be tagged, or if you wish to be tagged from now on, let me know in the comments :D If you would like to check out past challenges, and all the awesome playlists posted by the awesome K-Pop community, you can follow the collection, and check out the older cards >>here<< this will also mean you won't miss any of the Sweetie Dreamie playlists to come!!! Credit to the owners of all the photos used in this card, I DO NOT own them!!!