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I am not familiar with Asian pop outside of kpop, but there is one artist I do know of and like. His name is Jiro Wang. Jiro Wang is an attractive actor/singer with a soft soothing sound that I personally enjoy.
汪東城 Jiro Wang [ 像你 Like You ] Official Music Vid…: https://youtu.be/Tyg1ad99e5k
Mix - Jiro Wang -Pretend We Never Loved (Sub esp): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePsuKJ-vPrk&list=RDePsuKJ-vPrk
[Absolute Boyfriend ost] Mr. Perfect - Fahrenheit…: https://youtu.be/DMV_jiwMQz0
汪東城 Jiro Wang [ Feel Me ] Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/36_wg0StnCM
Jiro Wang - Perfect Heartbeat (Absolute Boyfriend…: https://youtu.be/sdl-0vvaKQA
Thank you @mattk95 and @ziggy19 for tagging me in this post.
There is just something about his voice. I'm not sure how popular he is, but I really like his work.
Thank you for accepting this challenge and participating @JackieMurrayCab ^^ I hadn't heard of him but I really like his music now :)
Aww, thanks for sharing! Need to check out more artists!
@JackieMurrayCab yeah his voice is really nice!! Love it!
@JackieMurrayCab WOW!! I'm totally a fan of Jiro Wang now!!! Thank you so much :)