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(⊙o⊙)?(⊙o⊙)?(⊙o⊙)?(⊙o⊙)? Where'd the rest of my baby go??? lol But it's so good to see him \(*T▽T*)/He looks well....healthy and fit so I'm happy! I need English subs to this tho....
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@PassTheSuga He does!!! I was pretty surprised. Did you see him in SMTM2? I've only seen 3 but now I wanna go back and watch 2. Lol.
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@poojas ugh I've been scouring the internet for it but no luck (╥_╥) I've only seen performances.
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@PassTheSuga Here's the entire season that I found (no subs though) T.T http://day2007.tumblr.com/post/121824454460/koreanxrap-full-episodes-of-show-me-the-money. I'll try to find it with Eng subs sometime soon and let you know! :)
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@poojas you're awesome (*´▽`)ノノ
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@PassTheSuga You're awesome-er! ^_^
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