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A Non Korean playlist........ So I thought this would be insanely difficult because I'm mainly a Kpopper....I'm not really into any other Asian music. Jpop doesn't really do it for me....no shade just not my style so I thought I wasn't gonna be able to do this playlist challenge. Then I remembered....... *insert dreamlike chimes here* That a long long long time ago....in 2000-ish.... I was into Emo/Screamo/metal type music. Yes.....I'll admit it. I thought I was an Emo piece of trash. Not that I think all Emo's are pieces of trash lol just that's pretty much what I thought of myself. I found this band (who I still have mad love for)....and you know how it starts. You find a band, listen to all their stuff, then find another band who sounds similar and listen to all their stuff then find another band who sounds similar and listen to all their stuff and soooo the cycle continues. Well I came across J-Rock some years later. And I incorporated some of it into my music library at the time. So I had to dig furiously through some old stuff of mine to find my ancient mp3 player to make this playlist. I had mad flashbacks listening to some of this....the newer stuff not so much but older stuff was like
Anyway I hope some of you enjoy this and if not that's certainly okay because this was honestly fun....and embarrassing at the same time.
DIR EN GRAY__Umbrella First song I listened to by these guys and I got hooked lol. This is still a jam. Its kind of funky and crazy and a lil scary just like me. DIR EN GRAY__ Marmalade Chainsaw I always liked the name of this song lol. I also really like how his vocals cut thru all the things going on because Umbrella is just like controlled chaos.
Acid Black Cherry__SPELL MAGIC These guys are such goobers lol.....
The Gazette __Cassis Still impossible not to sing along to. I loved the piano intro and like I've said I'm a sucker for good vocals paired with piano.
Alice Nine __Rainbows Soooooooo good.....even now. Y'all have no idea what kinda nostalgia I'm going thru right now <(ˍ ˍ*)>
The Underneath__Gekkoh If rock music decided to go back to 2006 to about 2009 I'd still be way into it. This was the good stuff.
Miyavi__Selfish Love Shotty quality video but still plain to see this man is RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED. And.....extremely sexy. Which is why we needed more Miyavi....lol. He's probably the only one of the artists that I carried with me from the Emooooooo stage in my life. I don't follow him religiously but since I saw him in Unbroken, my interest in him has renewed. His newer stuff is in English....he's caught shade for that but it honestly doesn't matter to me. Miyavi__What's My Name
ONE OK ROCK__Clock Strikes I had heard about these guys at the end of my "I'm Suuuhh Emo" Phase. I think they came out in 2007 or 2008 but I never cared to look into them. Then one day my sister, who never crawled out of said Emo Phase....I think she's a lifer, had this song on blast and yeah....I downloaded the album. AND OKAYYHHHH I did say '06 to '09 is the best but I'll admit these guys are an exception. ONE OK ROCK__The Beginning This song is awesome....just awesome.
Sooooo this was a way different sound than my usual playlists lol but I thought it was still good nonetheless. I took y'all way way way way back there with me and you learned a lil about what I used to be like when I was young....er. And I had fun looking back on it.......I guess. Jk lol I enjoyed it. Re-adding these to my music library. On a different note....My closet looks like it threw up so I'm gonna go take care of that right about now. Tagging as always my main Fanman @MattK95 And my lil buddy @Jiggzy19 Spanks for the tag, guys! Enjoyed the challenge(•̀ᴗ•́)و
I was never a fan of this kind of music in English... Funny isn't it XD, but when it's J-Rock I don't have a problem with it... Weird right? XD great list @PassTheSuga I absolutely love it ^^
This. was. Amazing. I LOVED IT! Yes, different, but was just awesome. I'm up for any genre of music! (o^▽^o)
omg dir en grey you're taking me BACK!
@danidee Lol Dir En Gray definitely is controlled chaos in your eardrums.
LOL THE GIF. Omg @PassTheSuga, I feel like I used to have a friend that was into Dir en Gray too, and I'd be like O.O WHAT IS THIS NOISE.
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