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I've already made a card about James McAvoy and his steamy kiss scene in Penelope, but I kind of love him alot and figured that there's no harm in making a card documenting all of his best kiss scenes....right?
So, here we go! All aboard the James McAvoy Love train~~~

Atonement w/ Kiera Knightley

This is a video of allllll the best scenes from Atonement, set to a Selena Gomez song so what could be wrong with this?! If you haven't seen Atonement, it's a total spoiler warning for you so watch carefully!!

Becoming Jane

I have so many favorite James McAvoy scenes in this movie, but these are my favorite two 'kiss' ones! First, James McAvoy LOOKING at Anne and just knowing that they needed to be together, confessing he is yours, can you say swwwwwwooooon? Second, him trying to get her back after being incapable of living without her. Again, sa-woon. Thank you, James.

Starter for 10

Not the first kiss I'd choose from James, but it's definitely memorable!!! The way he takes advantage of that second kiss...yep. Cutie.

Wanted with Angelina Jolie

Okay, I couldn't find a better video than this one (sorrryy!!) but you still get the point. Even though Angelina is pretty much just doing him a solid here after he has to deal with his girlfriend being with his best friend, it's a pretty awesome scene. Yes, Barry, James McAvoy IS a man.


Because I wanted to show it one more time :)
And lastly, a cheesy fan edit of James McAvoy romance scenes to the ever-classic Kiss Me. Enjoy!!
Maybe I'm just being needy, but I'm ready for a new James McAvoy movie! I know he has Frankenstein and X-men coming up, but I can't help but want just a few more.
@ChristinaBryce I know EXACTLY what you mean. He belongs in that shirt with the puffy collar and sleeves. And in Jane Austen arms...and my heart
Those atonement scenes though. Waaahhhhhttt.
@nicolejb He is just so great. I also watch Becoming Jane ALL the time, just whenever I need a pick-me-up-by-staring-at-James'-face if you know what i Mean
I fell in love with James McAvoy in Becoming Jane (the kissing scene is my absolutely fav kissing scene in any movie), and honestly I probably watched that movie every day for a month after the first time I saw it. This card only increases my love for this man <3