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Soundtrack To Life

Okay so I accepted the challenge from @mattk95 which was inspired from @jiggzy19. And in accepting this challenge I collected all of my fav Asian songs (non-Korean) and put in a playlist on YouTube: I added the playlist link just in case you wanna check out the rest of the songs since I am only adding about 20 from my list.
Arashi's Truth is my song. This song is my song. I have loved Arashi since forever and this is my one and only go to song for no knowledgeable reason.
This song is obviously also Arashi and if you look closely at the lyrics, One Love is all about a lasting love. Sort of like friends sticking together no matter what life brings at them.
Puffy AmiYumi: Your Love is a Drug BAM!!!!! Who remembers that show on Cartoon Network called "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi". Well I have an original song of theirs that I love. Absolute love. Must listen you might get the same feels. Lol
Kyra Kyra Pamu: Ponponpon Since I am a randomly bubbly person, I need to include a random and bubbly and colorful song to my playlist. This is life people. Random is life.
Jeffery Kong: Old Fashioned Romance Love. This. Song. No more words needed lol
Golf Pichaya: Wrong This song seriously made me laugh out loud but it sort of makes sense to me in a weird way.
Khalil Fong: Sorry This is the song I listen to the most from this artist. When I'm feeling down and pitiful or just really sorry from some reason or the other I listen to Khalil's Sorry and it's what it is.
Khalil Fong: Love Instantly This is another song I fell in love with the moment I heard it.
Khalil Fong: BB88 This song I love because it is so upbeat and fun. I don't get too much why he did the mv like this but I like it and get it so it's a win-win.
Kyra Kyra Pamu: Monster Fashion This song is really uplifting to me since it's all about freedom of expression and dressing the way you want and things like that.
12012: Over This is my first song from them and therefore my first move and a favorite of mines.
12012: Just The Way You Are
12012: Pistol This is one of their early songs and ironically the second song from them I ever listened to.
9mm: The World
9mm: Sleepwalk
9mm: Mr. Suicide
9mm: Discommunication
Acid: Prayer
Acid: Seed
No wayyyy. He's so wonderful. I feel like anyone who is into K-Pop could totally get into his music too. It's just as fun and catchy and good. :)
Lol @danidee I thought I wastage only one who loved him no one I knows even knows him
@jiggzy19 your welcome and enjoy my unique flavor of music
It's been ages since I heard Ponponpon!!! Completely love this! There are lots of songs I haven't heard before ! Looking forward to checking them out later! Thanks for sharing your list^^
KYARY AND PUFFY AMIYUMI :D great songs! I also really liked wrong, the world, prayer, and seed :)