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OMG!!!! I'm so excited!!! I seriously love these girls! Personally they did not disappoint with this comeback ! So much fun it totally made me wanna dance! What are your thoughts???? Credit to the owners :) Chu~
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@MattK95 I think it's helped giving Dasom and Soyou and Bora opportunities to do their own collaborations that has made them a stronger unit. Sistar's not 'the Hyorin Show' anymore. I like the type of KPop groups that show all the different strengths and personalities among the members, and Sistar's gotten a lot better at that.
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This totally wont top Touch My Body but I love it!
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@danidee yes! Although I loved the Hyorin show, I really think they are getting so much better at showcasing everyone in their songs and MVs
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@B1A4BTS5ever, they found out how we dance lol
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@StarBabes omg duude yes hahaha
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